Skincare Routine AM


lazy girl’s morning skin care edition by mari 

+ deep cleanse snow flake whipping cleanser by nooni 
+ peach punch cleansing water toner by tony moly 
+ niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% by the ordinary
+ fresh lotus soothing gel by the face shop 
+ all around safe block essence sun spa 45 / pa +++ by missha 

+ be extra like marie antoinette: hair band, alligator clips, daiso net, nooni foam maker 

i have dry and dehydrated skin. my skin concerns are dullness, some hyperpigmentation and sun damage. i started getting into skincare around 2016. i tried a lot of lush and k-beauty products that made my skin feel super happy and pampered. if you’re interested in my skincare history products, i would be more than happy to do a post on that, but for this particular post, i would only be featuring products i have been currently using. before taking a dip into the skincare arena, circa 2014, i only relied on make up to hide my imperfections which was very bad of me, i know. but i feel like, we’ve all been there at one point or another.  i’d say that after 3 years, i do hold some sort of expertise in how to take care of skin properly, so i’d like to share some of the tips and tricks i’ve learned along the way and i hope that this post is something that becomes helpful to you. without further ado, welcome to my morning skincare regime.


deep cleanse snow flake whipping cleanser by nooni 

first step is this product by nooni. this is the product that was supposed to go with nooni’s marshmallow whip maker (rich foam cleanser), but i never actually got to use it in conjunction with that because i prefer using the daiso net that i bought over it. the net produces an actual whip texture as opposed to the misnomer whip maker which produced more of a foamy texture than a rich whip one. that being said, i haven’t used either one of those this year. but i did use it last summer to change my skin care up a bit. 

i think this product performs well on it’s own. i actually prefer using it straight out of the tube and just getting a pearl dropped size on the back of my hand and then spreading it directly and thinly on my face. so it works as a cleanser and a mask for me as well. i just let it sit there for 30 seconds and then i rinse it out with cold water.

in regards to my hair getting in the way, i just pull it back by using my other hand to push my bangs back from my forehead. also i just tuck my hair behind my ears. others like to use a hair band or some sort of clip. sometimes i do go for those, it’s just when i’m feeling lazy, which is all the time, i usu don’t.  

this has a nice clean scent and i love that it isn’t overpowering. after using this it made my skin feel squeaky clean as a foam cleanser would. i have dry skin, so i should probably stick to gel and oil cleansers, but for some reason i always end up repurchasing foam cleansers. 

peach punch cleansing water toner by tony moly 

i think this did a classic job as a toner. it made my pores tight and the texture felt soft after using it with a cotton ball / flat cotton pad. i usually just count 5 to 7 drops  (7 skin method ) on the palm of my hand and by doing that i use the toner as a moisturizer as well. my first impression of this product is that it might not be a good match for my skin. because after using it a couple of times, my skin looked red and irritated. but after a while, my skin adjusted and it actually ended up liking it. this product lasted me around 3-4 months. this smelled like peach candy and it made me very happy to use it. 

niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% by the ordinary

a lot of people say they don’t like the ordinary line. i sort of agree with them, i sort of don’t. it doesn’t give you fast results that’s for sure. and i think that’s why a lot of people dislike this product because they might as well have applied nothing. for me, in my personal experience,  it worked slow and works more for nourishment and maintenance than a showy kind of product would. it did work to lighten up my blemish and hyperpigmentation to the point where they are not that noticeable anymore. i also think it made the texture near my nose and cheeks  look a lot smaller. so i feel like for price of this serum, i think it performs pretty good. but if you are looking for products with immediate results, this product might not be something you’d like to try. this product doesn’t have any scent, which i really like. i don’t like products that have an overwhelming fragrance. i also prefer this to address dullness over vitamin c serums, just because i can’t fuck with vitamin c shelf life and how you have to keep it away from the sunlight and that it expires within 3-4 months as opposed to this one which lasts for at least a year. 

fresh lotus soothing gel by the face shop 

i love this product as a moisturizer. i am thankful that gel moisturizers exist for dry and dehydrated skin because i feel like heavy creams just sit on top of my skin and just glides around there. or if it does get absorbed my skin becomes very oily and overproduces oil. so i’m glad that switching to a gel moisturizer has helped with my dehydrated skin tremendously. my skin loves soaking it up and it doesn’t get overwhelmed by it. works perfect as a primer before make up and it also plays nicely with my sunscreen. 

this smells flowery but it’s very faint which is so nice. after i’m out of toners to sample, i actually plan on using this as a 3 in one product: toner, moisturizer, and mask serum.  mask serum, because i don’t really fancy using face masks that much anymore. i only really got back into it after chiara ferragni showed that she loves using masks on her insta-stories lol. but yup, the cooling effect of this gel moisturizer also fulfills that of a toner and sheet masks as well for me, allowing me to skip more steps in my skin care routine! 

all around safe block essence sun spa 45 / pa +++ by missha 

this smells very citrus-y and fun. i feel like i get a boost of happiness after patting and layering this onto my skin as a last step for my skin care routine. it’s very creamy yet very light. it’s not too oily. i use to used my holy grail anessa sunscreen and that one is nice and milky, but i’ve noticed that it gives me mini break outs if i’m not careful and i end up putting too much. with this one, that doesn’t seem to be an issue, as i sometimes end up squeezing too much product out and yet it spreads out nicely on my skin and it absorbs really fast. 

i use the serum and the moisturizer as extra skips daily actually. on days when my skin is feeling extra dull, i add those two steps. my daily skincare routine can be condensed in just 3 steps tho:

+ cleanser 
+ toner 
+ sunscreen 

toner and sunscreen are really the two products i rely on for moisturizer. the 7 skin method and sunscreen multi-functions for me as a hydrating primer before make up. so i never stay on my vanity table for that long. with just 3 steps, i’m usually ready to go about my day in like 5-10 minutes. with the other two steps included, i end up getting ready for like a 20 minutes which is double the time if i’m feeling like my skin needs some tlc. 

 this is part i of my skincare routine. i hope u join me again for part ii, where i expand on how i take care of my skin during the night and what i also do every week to maintain it’s healthy glow and velvety texture.  what do u guys use for your skincare routine? let me know in the comment section! see u in the next post! 

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Skincare routine PM

lazy girl’s evening skin care edition by mari 

+ clean it zero cleansing balm original by banila. co 
+ sugar kitten hydrating holographic peel-off mask by i dew care 
+ lip sleeping mask plum blossom by mamonde 
+ ketoconazole cream 2%
+ hydrocortisone cream 2.5% 
+ jade roller massager 

+ black sugar mask wash off by skin food 
+ black rabbit face towel 

clean it zero cleansing balm original by banila. co 

i use this product in conjunction with deep cleanse snow flake whipping cleanser by nooni. so i melt my make up with a cleansing balm and then afterwards i go in with my foam cleanser. quite effective for water-proof mascaras and eyeliners. i like the faint herbal scent and it also comes with it’s own spatula. i got this from soko glam and i suggest getting it there  if u live in the us for less waiting time when it comes to shipping. love the pink transparent packaging. this balances out the squeaky feeling i get from just using foam cleansers alone. 

sugar kitten hydrating holographic peel-off mask by i dew care 

love using this for mild exfoliation. i use to put this all over my face but for a lazy girl’s skincare guide, i mostly focus on it now on the center of my face: so that would be the nose, chin, and slightly above the eyebrows. i have a full review [here] if you’d like to check it out. i usually wait 30 min before peeling it off. it feels tight while drying and kind of gives that nice facial massage feeling.  it’s also very pretty as it gives off that dazzling holographic shine while you wear it around for 30 min. i also only do this once a week. i don’t recommend exfoliating more than 3x a week especially for dry skin. 

lip sleeping mask plum blossom by mamonde 

i’ve been looking for a lip balm that would actually help my super dry lips and this one actually does that! i can add a thin layer and it does a very good job of hydrating my lips. or i could go crazy and add a lot of layers and it still sinks fast enough under my lips to be absorbed easily and i love it. i love the faint flowery scent and i am going to keep repurchasing this one. also use this as a lip primer before putting on matte products and it’s amazing. 

ketoconazole cream 2%

i got this from my dermatologist after i have some redness and irritation around my neck and the edges of my scalp and this one is perfect for calming down any skin flare ups i have. i use this after i get out of the shower. i squeeze a tiny pea amount and spread it all around in the affected areas. 

hydrocortisone cream 2.5% 

i also use this for extremely aggressive flare outs but also to calm down any giant zits on my face! i rarely get them now that i’m in my mid twenties but i’ve noticed that every year, i would always have one month that would go awry. and that’s when a giant zit steals the show and i swear by this product! it reduced my gigantic acne within 2-3 days! i love it! 

jade roller massager 

i use to pair this up with sheet masks because it gives it such a nice spa feeling. but lately, i haven’t been into sheet masks and i found that if i use this with my fresh lotus soothing gel by the face shop, it also works just as well. love the extra cooling effect it does. this is the only anti-aging product i have for now as i am still on the hunt for the best eye cream out there. please leave me your suggestions in the comment section! i’d love to hear them! 

black sugar mask wash off by skin food 

i do this when i feel like my peel off mask isn’t enough. mostly focus on the nose and chin area. you can either use regular water or a toner to use with this product. i just usually use water and wait for 5-10 min before washing it off. has a nice sugary and herbal scent. i also only do this once a week so you don’t have to do this every night. 

black rabbit face towel 
if you’d like another spa feeling incorporated into your skincare then i suggest using a face towel and run it along with warm water. then use it to wipe off your cleanser and make up. it’s a nice soothing feeling. highly recommend and you don’t end up splashing too much water on your sink / clothes / yourself. 

and that’s it for my current skincare routine! i’ll do an update if i end up doing any major changes! for now, i’m only sampling products and haven’t really decided on the full sizes yet. what is your evening skincare routine like? is it lengthy like mine is? let me know in the comment section! 

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♡ February Favorites ♡

+ Pink hair towel - fast absorbing and soft
+ Say it ain’t Soho by Essie - my very first collaboration and pr packaging! unboxing + review coming soon!
+ Post Pink Valentine’s Sale - pink cotton candy and pink make up under $10
+ Target Mini Haul - bought 3 make up i’ve been dying to get my hands on under $20 with a gift card given to me by mama bear

Pink hair towel - fast absorbing and soft

i use to use an ex’s old shirt to dry my hair because i heard that any old shirt is perfect for not being rough with your hair. but after i found this at my local daiso, i’ve completely switched over. it’s just as gentle and dries my hair faster. reducing prep time before i put oil and serums on the ends of my hair. 

Say it ain’t Soho by Essie - my very first collaboration and pr packaging! unboxing + review coming soon!

i got this as my first pr package. i love everything about it. i’ve been looking for the perfect bronzy glitter polish and this is the perfect match. 

Post Pink Valentine’s Sale - pink cotton candy and pink make up under $10 

x two make up products: nyx candy slick in sugarcoated kiss & sally hansen in you glow girl
x two dessert post vday sale: pink cotton candy for $2 from target 

i was looking for a dupe for the ‘tea and crumpet’ by essie and since i couldn’t find it anywhere i tried to dupe it with the one available to me at my local ulta which is in the shade ‘you glow girl.’ has the perfect sheer nude that i like. based on other people’s review, it shows up as a nice, fluid metallic amber on them but when i wear it, only a few flecks of amber show up. makes me a little sad, but i will try it again using a nude base coat first to see if that makes any difference. 

i also picked up nyx candy slick in sugar coated kiss because the packaging reminds me so much of a magical unicorn that i just had to get it. love how the pink showed up exactly like pink on me. that never happens. it would be either too pale or the pigmentation won’t show up at all. so it’s so nice that i could put it on top of another lip and it gives me that mirror metallic chrome like finish on top of another nude cream lipstick. love this drugstore find so much. 

overall,  this pink haul gotten me into such a spring-y mood and i love it. 

Target Mini Haul - bought 3 make up i’ve been dying to get my hands on under $20 with a gift card given to me by mama bear

i picked up rimmel’s nude edition palette for $8, wet n wild’s $3 mellow wine single blush, and maybelline’s newest mascara release: snapscara in black cherry for $6. i think this is going to be last drugstore haul that i do in a while. i know i’ve been in a low-buy for like 2 months and i’m really proud of that. i do want to go into a no-buy sometime soon. but to ease the transition, i would be doing my first subscription box for like $10. a big step down from the $25 budget i’ve set aside. and from there, i could still create new and relevant content while hopefully slowly trickling into a no-buy where i just do a make up with products full of nothing new. 

hope you enjoy this read, and i’ll see you on monday! 

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What's in my Henri Bendel Make Up Bag?

Anyone else missing Bendel hard like I do? I don’t think I can ever get over the fact that they’re gone forever. I grew up with it watching Gossip Girl with Serena Van der Woodsen declare it as her favorite store in Season 1. And I loved that scene in Blair’s Dream where they mirrored ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ inside Bendel’s display window. It’s always going to be a part of of my early twenties. I have a lot of positive memories and attachment to this store. I didn’t buy a lot from that store, but I instantly became happy every time I walked inside it. Sure, I also dealt with some snooty counter ladies (not all of them were mean), but I was able to easily dismiss their catty and judgmental attitude because I love Bendel’s that much.  In my wildest dreams, I hope Bendel’s comes back, even as just an online store, or an exclusive make up brand. I’d buy everything from them. Miss the iconic brown and white stripes so much and this is my post dedicated to Bendel’s. 

First thing I want to mention about this make up bag, is that I love how it’s laminated really well. I never have to worry about it getting dirty. And yet, I can still see that it’s made of a nice material underneath the protection it’s covered with. The inside lining detail is also nice. It has the ‘HB’ logo pattern inside with the year  Bendel’s was established as well: 1895. It’s also covered in a nice plastic material. It’s not painted on. I thought that over the years that I’ve had it, I would have scratched off the logo and year pattern by now. But no. It’s amazing. It looks brand new, just like the day I ordered it online four years ago. The zipper also has a keychain logo attached to it. The logo and the year hangs  inside a silver circle written in an art deco font. 

Opening the bag, you can see that I can fit quite a lot in it. The bag retains its shape despite me chucking a lot of products inside it. I am able to fit in 12 products inside it. I would usually put just a quad inside my cosmetic bag, but I’ve been more comfortable carrying medium sized palettes this year. 

+ powder4room make up powder fix in yellow 
+ milani soft and sultry palette 
+ pony effect seoul cushion foundation in buff 
+ naked urban decay flushed 

+ wet n wild photofocus primer dewy 
+ maybelline fit me! shine-free balance foundation 

+ wet n wild concealer in medium peach 
+ mac kinda sexy matte lipstick 
+ the face shop eyebrow pencil in brown 
+ urban decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in demolition 
+ original dolly wink in black 
+ maybelline snapscara in black cherry 

This year, I’ve been really into sheer and smoky make up, so the only lipstick I carry on my bag is a nude lipstick to go with everything. I also only focus on bronzers this year as well over blush. also i don’t have any brushes with me. I just mostly use my cushion puff and I’m good to go. I will say tho, that my favorite part of my make up bag right now is the snapscara by maybelline. I love the formula, the shape of the wand, and the subtle colors at the tip of my lashes. reminds me of burberry, autumnal kind of vampy kind of color. 

What’s your make up bag like? List them in the comment section or leave me a link on your blog post! I’d love to check them out.

Once a Bendel Girl, Always a Bendel Girl xo

See you, in the next post! 

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Olive under tone | flattering & not-so-flattering lip products


+ wet n wild in mink brown
+ l’oreal infallible paints in spicy blush 
+ colourpop matte lux lipstick in money moves 
+ nyx powder puff lippie in puppy love 

i love how i was able to find a true brown in mink brown.  with an olive undertone on a light medium skin tone like i do, it’s a real struggle to get a color that matches you. so, this reminds me a lot of nyx soft matte lip cream in berlin and i love that one so much as well minus the fragrance. what i love about this 99 cent lipstick is that not only is it a true brown when swatched and applied on the lips, it also has this classic lipstick smell. i remember the only time i was able to wear make up as a kid would be during weddings where i would attend as a flower girl. i really like that powdery scent. i wish more lipstick smelled like that. the only detraction for this product, i would say, is that it easily moves around if you don’t set it. it’s not really a big issue for me to grab a transparent powder and lightly brush it on before heading it out. 

the l’oreal infallible is an amazing amazing amazing find for me! i usually get turned off by heavy fragrance but not with this product. it smells like heavenly candy mixed with a heady apple fragrance that when I actually get some of the product inside my mouth, i don’t mind tasting the product at all. i get super happy when i get a sniff of this that i actually end up loving re-applying this whereas i would usually be opposed or annoyed to pulling out my lip products to re-apply it again.  it’s a nice peachy pink which is very friendly for those with olive undertones. 

colourpop matte lux lipstick in money moves is a great lip product if you’re looking for the perfect terra cotta lipstick! i like how it feels like there’s nothing on my lips after putting it on. i love this and it reminds me of bad habit’s broken heart. another nude terra cotta that i love so match that i didn’t include a photo of in this post. it is in my january favorites post and you can check it out [here]. also a separate post for it will be featured soon. be on the look out for it c: 

the nyx powder puff lippie in puppy love is my favorite blotted look that’s a true orange. the only orange lipstick i ever owned is a lip stain from 4 years ago, and that dried my lips way too much. i’m glad nyx has been releasing a lot of lip products that are more semi-matte / semi-satin. because i really do love matte finishes, just not the part where it dries up my skin a lot. also love the name for this so much. i live for make up names ever since i dipped my hand in the world of make up. 

anyway, this curated lippies should carry you for all four seasons with the autumnal cozy brown, the pop of peachy pink for spring, a nice bronzy terra-cotta for summer, and another rich colour of orange for winter.  

 what kind of undertone do you have? which products do you like best for your lips? 


+ nyx lingerie in beauty mark 
+ nyx lingerie in corset 
+ nyx liquid suede in sandstorm 
+ wet n wild in bare it all 
+ wet n wild in mocha-licious 

i think u know when a product doesn’t work for you, they all tend to look the same: muddy, grey, or an off color completely different from the swatches. and this is what these products have done for me. i always thought that the label ‘disappointing products’ always seemed harsh as an seo keyword, but i have to admit, sometimes that frustration of wasted dollars do need to be channeled somewhere. even if that means, you may be talking trash about someone else’s holy grail product. that being said, i hope i don’t hurt anyone’s feelings in publishing this post. i wish i could love these lip products  and be able to  repurchase them but sadly that is not the case. which is really odd. i thought that colors with more of a deeper tone like browns would always translate the same into every skin tone, but apparently it’s similar to how nudes work as well. where some of nude lips would look too pale or not show up at all. i’ve repurposed these lipsticks for writing encouraging things on my vanity mirror every day and that’s the only use i’ve gotten out of them thus far.  although, i will say that i love playing with nyx lingerie in corset to create a zombie kind of look with an ox-blood eyeshadow. at the time though, i didn’t like it so much because i was hoping it would be the perfect nude for me or at least a nice fawn / camel like color. 

what kind of lip products didn’t work out so much for you? have you found a way to use them in another way? 
Let me know in the comment section! 

mari, xo 

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Review: SoPost - Say it Ain't Soho by Essie (*)


 first gifted product  | pr with @sopost & @essie | (*) 

a metallic copper nail polish dripping in crisp amber tones (metallic). the downtown commute is so worth the traffic for a fashionable, shimmering metallic copper nail polish dripping in crisp amber tones. (metallic)

x pretty metallic copper with amber flecks 
x perfect for autumn and summery looks
x instagrammable 

x formula is not similar to essie’s pop cult / hot item: mojito madness’ 
x longevity - chips after a couple of hours; with 3 layers it somewhat lasts longer for like a  couple of days

 nail polish is like jewelry for me. i don’t leave the house without it. so i could get away with just wearing this as an accessory and feel like it completes any outfit i throw on together. it is a very nice, glitter polish but it can look a little flat at times. the color makes up for it, but i’ve had other  glitter nail polish that add that extra layer of dimension that makes it feel super luxurious, similarly to my favorite nail polish of all time: ‘mojito madness.’ my expectations may not be suitable for how i judge this product, i will say that. they may have intended to have this product to be more on the thinner or sheer formula. but i did have to mention that, since that was my first impression of this nail varnish just from looking and craving it online while window shopping and while also testing out the product after i've received it. 

my favorite part of this nail polish, is the stunning color. it’s so vibrant and fresh, that i think it looks good under every lighting. from the bathroom mirror to drive-thru lighting. i enjoy holding things and feel like there's a skip on my step when wearing this product. the color also reminds me a lot of venus' hair in boticelli's birth of venus painting  and  also quite reminds of  the cozy, warm fairy lights during autumn. so,  i think they did  a great job with the color story of this nail lacquer as well. 

while i do enjoy the positives, the formula not being my absolute favorite is what made me give this item a 3/5 stars. i did see online tho that a lot of people gave this a 5/5 star rating. if essie re-formulates this product similar to how glossy and defined 'mojito madness' is, i would definitely run out the door to get my hands on this product. 


3/5 bunnies 

thank you for reading x ! 

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